Highly Successful Digital Marketing Strategies in 2022

Andre Gieniec Google, Marketing

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving sphere with SEO specialists improving their strategies to match changing customer trends and preferences. Hyperlocal Platform clients can confidently rely on us to keep our fingers on the market's pulse and develop innovative techniques to capture consumer attention and interest in your products and services. So, what trending digital marketing strategies can you expect from us in 2022? Read ahead to find out.

Facebook/Meta Continues to Rule the Online Advertising Landscape

Although Facebook has “Meta”morphed with a new name and personality, it continues to rule the online marketing landscape. Statistics indicate that Facebook has more than 3 billion global users, and this figure is on the rise. You can continue to rely on this platform to run entire eCommerce sales and ensure success for your company. At Hyperlocal, we advise clients to factor regular Facebook posts into their advertising budget. You’d want to pick out the appropriate template to grab users’ interest and create a comprehensive profile that talks in detail about your products and services. Meta is rolling out several business-friendly updates, and keeping pace with them will certainly give your company an edge.

Don’t Overlook TikTok

While you can expect that Meta will continue to be the top-ranking social media platform, digital marketing strategies for 2022 also focus on the next fast-upcoming platform--TikTok. Statistics show that Americans spend up to 850 hours on TikTok per month, which has led to impressive growth in the last year alone. As a non-gaming app, TikTok grossed a revenue of an astounding $110 million that users spent on it, with close to 1 billion users and counting. Consider the platform's significant engagement; you would certainly want to use TikTok for your advertising efforts. Top brands are now turning their attention to the tremendous reach TikTok has that could extend well beyond Instagram and Meta.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales Tools

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for customer engagement should be critical to your digital marketing strategies for 2022. You can now purchase and integrate tools that assist your sales teams in not just targeting the right customers, but also identifying their intent. AI tools identify specific words and terms customers use during their interactions with your sales teams. Next, they sort leads by the leads’ interest in purchasing the products. As a result, you can train personnel to target sales pitches toward prospective buyers who have expressed interest. The AI tool will also train your team on how to communicate with customers to identify their points of resistance and overcome them.

The Flip Side of Artificial Intelligence AI Tools

Employing Artificial Intelligence to build lists of prospective leads and gather customer information is, undoubtedly, critical to staying ahead of the competition. However, Google is expected to roll out several algorithms in 2022 that restrict companies from gathering personal data. The search engine platform is becoming more committed than ever to preventing data breaches and is keeping a closer watch on companies using AI tools to gather information about leads. As a business owner relying on this lead generation strategy and the database it builds, you may want to employ AI tools to stay compliant with the new regulations that protect customer privacy.

Optimizing Websites for Enhanced Customer UX

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have read previous posts about our efforts to enhance your Customer Experience with site improvements. 2022 is also about exceptional user experience. And that means super efficient websites with quick loading times and attractive designs. We will be paying particular attention to Google’s Core Web Vitals since that will influence how the platform views your site. Most important is optimization for mobile devices, particularly phones, since more users rely on their smartphones to browse the internet.

Efficient Customer Communication

Customers in 2022 are impatient and want instant responses to their questions. They prefer brands that are available to provide answers 24x7. Among our digital strategies for 2022, we would suggest getting tools like a Chatbot and responsiveness through channels like WhatsApp, Slack, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. Statistics indicate that Chatbots are likely to trigger retail sales worth $112 billion in 2023, particularly stressing the younger generation. Businesses wishing to capture a slice of this pie would want to be available to provide product information and accept orders instantly or lose out to the competition.

When you work with Hyperlocal Platform, you can expect nothing but the latest digital marketing strategies. Our objective is to predict future trends and make sure you employ them to stay ahead of competing businesses. Interested in learning more about how we can make that happen? Contact us by using the form, https://www.hyperlocalplatform.com/contact/ and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.