How Social Media Auto-Publishing is Hurting Your Business

Wade Mayorga Digital Marketing, Google, Marketing Agency, SEO, Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is hard work. Many companies are turning to third-party apps like Hootsuite or Buffer to auto-publish their post without thinking twice about how it might impact their content’s success.

The truth is: auto-publishing programs are costing you a lot more than they’re worth.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have developed their algorithms to peg users as valuable, considering both your audience’s engagement with your content, as well as your profile’s engagement or “value” to the app.

The more your willing to give, the more they’ll let you take.

Third-party content publishing may have worked in the past, but your social media “timelines” are no longer time based at all, they’re engagement based. The more you hand-tailor your post to each app, engage with your users, and you push out content based on the built-in apps analytics, the more your content will be shown to your audience. The hard truth is: social media management programs won’t cut it anymore.

Hyperlocal understands that tailoring each posts to work with each platform’s algorithm is important for visibility, but its not the only reason we handcraft each post.

Ditching your social media management program will also pay off in the overall appearance of your posts. Every platform has spoken and unspoken rules about cropping, phrasing, character count — the list goes on. A pre-made “one size fits all” post pushed to all your platforms just won’t ever look as good, and when a post doesn’t look good, nobody will engage with it.

Platform specific features such as check-ins, moods, locations, and Google Business’s buttons will boost the visibility of your post. Both the platform and its users want to see you using them. It will be received as more genuine content and today, with so many companies fighting for views, the less your posts feel automated the better. Users want to see real people on their feed.

Auto-Publishing’s main advantage was posting at a specific time. Now that feeds aren’t chronological, leaving your posts in the hands of a third-party app is only holding your content back.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash