Improving Your Click-Through Rates Organically – Proven Strategies that Actually Work!

Andre Gieniec Google, Marketing

Did you know that statistics indicate that 75% of users never reach the second page of Google’s search results? They are likely to get all the information they need from the first five or so options presented by the search engine. Getting to the first page of Google search results is always a long and hard-won task. But, even once you reach the top 10 positions, users must click the link and browse your site. That’s what you mean by click-through. And, optimizing the click-through rate can ensure that your efforts yield results.

Understanding the Critical Click-Through Rate & How It’s Calculated

The Click-Through Rate indicates just how successful your listing on search engine pages is in getting people to click on them. By clicking on the listing, users arrive at your webpage, where you present an enticing copy to convert them. In other words, you can convince them to finalize a purchase. Ultimately, the first step of your successful sale comes down to that initial click. Here’s how you calculate it.

Click-Through Rate =     Number of Clicks         x 100 
                                       Number of Page Views

To explain better, you’ll add up the number of clicks your listing gets and divide it by the number of page views or impressions. Next, you’ll multiply this figure by 100 to arrive at the Click-Through Rate. If the CTR is 7%, that indicates 7 out of every 100 users visiting the search result page, clicked on your listing to visit your website.

What Makes the CTR So Important?

The CTR is a critical metric that helps you understand how successful you are at connecting with your target audience. A low CTR could mean you haven’t identified the appropriate audience to market to. Or, that your copy is not compelling or persuasive enough for them to click on the information. Do keep in mind that Click-Through Rates are not just about search engine listings. You can also use this metric to evaluate other promotional campaigns. Like, for instance, your Pay-Per-Click strategy, email marketing program, or social media marketing campaign.

Checking the CTRs tells you which strategies are working to draw in customers and which are not so you can make the necessary tweaks. For instance, you’re running a paid search as a campaign that funnels customers to your website or landing page. A high CTR indicates that the audience likes what it sees and that you’re achieving adequate engagement for them to check out the ad further. Running multiple campaigns and checking the CTR lets you compare results and positions to gauge which ones have the highest CTRs and are worth exploring further.

At the same time, know that the optimum CTR varies according to your industry. If you aren’t quite sure what should be a great CTR, you’ll research the ongoing industry benchmarks and averages. Leverage these figures as a starting point to determine how to improve your campaigns.

How to Optimize the Click-Through Rates?

That’s likely your next question. Check out these proven strategies that are sure to improve your scores.

SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions
Pay close attention to the SEO title and meta description displayed in the search engine listing. When designing this digital signboard, make sure it addresses a problem or appeals to the reader’s emotions or needs. If you can evoke curiosity, that could work too. Google displays a specific number of characters in the title and meta description, and you have to make sure every one of them counts.

Use Short Titles Separated by Colons
Adding the right keywords that users type into their browsers ensures you speak their language. Place them in the beginning, so the phrases instantly stand out. Focus on using the brand name only if you’re an established name in your industry. Using long-tailed variants and brackets is also a great optimization strategy.

Listicles Work!
Listicles are quickly becoming popular as effective clickbait formats. It tells the audience that they can get the information they need in concise, bite-sized segments.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action
Always add a gentle nudge to get the audience to click on the link. Ask them to place an order or perform a specific task. Using the fear of missing out or FOMO also works. You’ll clearly indicate a limited-period offer or a not-to-be-missed discounted price.

How to Optimize the Click-Through Rates?

Optimizing your Click-Through Rates is a consistent process. You’ll need to make tweaks all the time with frequent testing and new campaigns. That’s how you can maintain a steady traffic stream to your website. To make that happen, you’ll need the assistance of the experts. The marketing techs at Hyperlocal have the necessary expertise to get you not just the top positions on search engines, but also enviable CTRs. Ready to know more? How about contacting us by clicking on this link and let’s talk some more about assisting you in growing your business.