Lead Generation Strategies Every Business Must Adopt

Michael Pazucha Google

Lead generation is the technique of calibrating your marketing strategies to reach the target audience which is most likely interested in purchasing your products and services. Gathering robust lead data by designing the right sales funnel has become critical in the digital age. Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C business, gathering customer data is vital for its long-term success. Read ahead for more info on how it works.

Why Every Business Needs Lead Generation

Acquiring new customers in the era of digital marketing has become exceedingly challenging. Before committing to a brand and making purchases, customers conduct extensive research. They’ll check and compare product features, read reviews, and contact friends and family for their experiences with the company to gain more information before making a decision. Amidst the complex and confusing whirlpool of data, you need to cut across the chatter to get through to the customer with compelling advertising strategies. Most importantly, you’ll need to connect with potential paying users using customized ads. And, that’s where lead generation strategies come in.

Build a Robust Connection with Customers

Creating compelling advertorial pages is the first step toward getting good leads. These pages should be optimized carefully with the right keywords using tools like the Google Keyword Planner. This tool assists you in identifying the keywords that most customers type into search engines. When you run ad campaigns on Google, you’ll target the “search intent” to attract interested customers who are likely to click on the ads and land on your product pages. All that remains is converting the lead into an actual buyer by impressing them with the product features and benefits.

Tap into the Power of Value-Driven Giveaways

Offering giveaways to build quality leads is a time-worn strategy that can be highly successful if used correctly. However, companies must ensure that the freebie provides actual value to the customer. Offering free trials and free samples gives buyers the opportunity to try the product and assess its value for money before making a purchase. A great example is sample cookies given out in grocery stores. Customers get to taste the cookie and purchase boxes at a promotional price. If they like the flavor, they are sure to continue to rely on the brand even if they have to pay full price.

Video Marketing Strategies Combined With Freebies

Yet another successful strategy is providing detailed guides free of cost with the products you sell as part of the welcome package. You can develop these guides along with the promotional content you’ll compile. Videos and demos show customers how to use the product, its features, tips and tricks, installation techniques, and other information and are sure to be appreciated by the customer. Users can also send the videos to friends and family who might be interested in placing orders or simply knowing more about the product. Make sure your video marketing is successful in lead generation by adding a Call to Action or encouraging viewers to contact the company by calling a number.

Use Automated Chatbots to Generate Leads

Automation and chatbots are excellent tools to connect with potential clientele 24x7 from worldwide locations. Once you set up the tool, you can use it to communicate with users, answer queries, take orders, and even register complaints. You’ll configure the app with questions and answers that are relevant to your business and match the company culture and brand. The bot will request users to put down information like their emails and contact details for following up with added information to their queries. Customers appreciate getting through to the company at any time without having to wait for business hours.

Deploy Customer Retention Strategies

While finding new leads is always vital for the company, you have a better chance at raising sales and profits by nurturing old leads. Devise email marketing campaigns to reconnect with previous clients and inform them about new products the company launches. Since they have prior experience with the brand, they are more likely to be receptive to the promotions. Customer retention can go a long way to contribute to the long-term success of any business.

To achieve this goal, design emails with the customer’s name and plan the information around the products they have purchased previously. Make sure to have lots of clickable links that take readers to pages they may want to access to place new orders or request information. You’ll monitor the links that users click on more often to learn more about their interests and habits and thus, develop a customer profile for future advertising campaigns.

The most critical facet of contemporary marketing is to identify the right customer demographic with effective lead generation strategies. Considering that digital advertising is a fast-evolving sphere, you need expert marketers in your corner to keep pace with the competition. That’s where we specialize. Rely on us at Hyperlocal to put together robust promotions to build a detailed lead profile and be successful. Contact us and we can talk some more.