Why your business needs an app?

Andre Gieniec Business Apps

Do you know that people spend an average of four to five hours a day on their mobile devices?
Can you see that as an opportunity for your business?

According to the research, we know that a mobile-optimized website is not enough for an effective mobile marketing strategy today.

How to increase the exposure of your brand, allowing your potential customers to find you anywhere they are. How to use four-five hour habit of browsing for your business benefit?

  • Reveal your brand, allowing your potential customers to find you anywhere they are.
    How? Develop an app for your business.
  • When your customer with your app is near your business area you can send a message that you’re hosting a new product event just for them.
  • Can't Get You Out of My Head strategy: a push notification feature that lets users know when updates, special events, sales, new products, and promotions are available in your business.
  • Mobile apps can act as a customer support platform for your business. You could provide the FAQs, offers instructions and how-tos via your app.
  • Spice it up with gamification: It’s not only about making the experience smooth and well organized. We don't want to forget about the excitement factor! We suggest gamification for that. Send users a little quiz while they wait between shows, remind them to check out a certain booth for a chance to win prizes as they walk by, give them time to redeem a free coupon as they walk in the beer garden.
  • Beacons provide you with valuable information about users’ behavior – where they go most, for which types of entertainment, for how long etc. Now, that data can be used to provide them with personalized content in different ways.