Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads

Wade Mayorga Digital Marketing, Google, Marketing Agency, SEO, Social Media

When considering all the methods of paid online advertising, nothing beats Google Ads. Since launching 18 years ago the platform has seen nothing but steady growth, bringing in a staggering ad revenue of 116.3 billion dollars in 2018.

Simply put, they’re leading the changing world of marketing.

The service follows a pay-per-click model, allowing its users to create a variety of dynamic ad campaigns that, if optimized, see a higher return on your investments than most other marketing strategies.

If your business is looking to grow, here are the reasons you need to start using Google Ads:

  1. Lead generation: Google Ads and the analytics they provide are the tools you need to see an increase in both your incoming leads and new customers. By focusing on those already searching for what you’re selling, you’re bound to see results.

  1. Analytics: The reports you’ll get from this platform are unmatched. They’re detailed, easy to read, and available almost as soon as your advertisement goes live. By including keywords used, ads clicked and revenue earned, you’ll have high performing ads in no time.

  1. Variety: The platform works for everyone. Regardless of the size or type of your business, Google Ads will have an option that works for you. Besides having dynamic options when creating the ads, the ads themselves have a variety of targeting options. You can target based on the website they are using, their location as well as device.

  1. Flexible Budget: Google Ads allows its users to spend whatever they’d like to promote their business. Furthermore, it offers a span of budgeting tools you can take advantage of to make the most of your investment. One example is daily budget limits that work to stretch your advertisement’s runtime.

While the system has a learning curve, the potential investment returns from Google Ads is unrivaled. From its use of keywords, adaptability, and universality, your business can redefine its marketing efforts and tap into a service with the largest potential reach online today.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash