Give up confusing stories about yourself. Tell the story of your customers.

Justine Tomska Marketing Agency

Everyone repeats one thing over and over again: Clarify your Message. We preach the same to our customers. Clarify your message, goddamn it - only this sort of voice your potential customers will listen. It sounds easy but we, Hyperlocal, spent over two months creating own fishing line which we used on our website, social media and other outlets.

Below you can see the first version:


Boring…good but somehow still boring.

We know that the average span of customers’ attention is 8 seconds. We understand  they received thousands of commercial messages a day. One of them is ours - so the question remains - how to engrave out message in customers’ busy mind. 

Our first line seemed exactly as we wanted it but in reality it sucked. We felt that our potential customers could be under the impression that we are just boring. We couldn’t find an expressive way to show our creativeness and open mindedness. We have 3 seconds to built the first impression. The same applies to the website. We tried coming up with something which makes us more trustworthy, juicier, sexier among others agencies. One night our friend who is a psychologist pointed something which changed our way of thinking 180 degrees. He said: 

“Give up long and confusing stories, don’t price yourself all times. The truth is nobody cares. People are bored when you tell them how great you are.” 

You don’t fulfil anybody’s need with telling about your greatness. 

We’ve read  “Building a Story Brand” Donald Miller and found this advice: “invite customers into a story.”

Ok, but how?

Miller’s advice: “Customers want you to offer them a vision of a better life, help them overcome challenges.”

So if you want to grab attention for your products, tell the story of your customers.

Finally we have agreed upon fishing line (see image below) that expressed what we wanted, was simple but powerful at the same time. We are happy we didn’t waste large amounts of money trying to tell the story of how fantastic we are - because no one really cares! You are amazing as are we, but that's not the point here. 


Please let us know in the comments what do you think?


Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash